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Vegan Pear Crisp.

Seen recently here… I adapted this recipe (found at I used vegan margarine instead of butter, because I had some in the fridge. Also, none of the other ingredients call for things that come from animals, so I figured I’d make it vegan! I also tweaked the recipe a bit because I only had 2 lbs of pears, so I roughly under-measured all the ingredients and then altered to taste. Click on the pictures for further explanation. It’s so much work pealing and chopping up fruit, but it’s definitely worth it. I totally thought I had more pears than that, but since they were what was left from my pickin’ I didn’t have a lot to work with.

I don’t know why I haven’t made a lot of crisps before (a “crisp” sounds funny by itself, it doesn’t work like just calling something a “pie”). They’re so simply and so yummy. It’s also the right season right now. I’m hoping to be making more pies too, now that I can try and make the dough with my fancy new food processor. I look forward to heating our kitchen with baked goods in the oven as the days get shorter and the temperature continues to drop. 

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